Forest Life 3D Screensaver

Forest Life 3D Screensaver

Forest Life 3D Screensaver brings the outdoors to your desktop
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Are you too stressed with your every day life?
Would you like to go out to the country so you can relax?
Forest Life 3D Screensaver brings the outdoors to your desktop.

This beautiful screensaver will take you to the middle of the wood where you will see nothing but nature.
Get ready to enter the magical world of the forest with all its inhabitants
You ill be able to enjoy breath-taking views of the dense vegetation around yourself.
Everything around you is displayed in different shades of green and brown. There is nothing "urban" to spoil the scene.

Next to you, a spider appears, weaving its web, ready to catch some food.
It has no hurry. Life in the forest is much slower than in the city, and the animals take their time to do their thing.
Next to it, more critters walk on a tree, and even more are doing their typical noises.
Everything seems to stand still, helping you to relax and unwind.
Nothing seems to be in a hurry, and soon you will join these inhabitants, and will not remember about your office work or your family troubles.

Forest Life 3D Screensaver will really help you to relax.
Take a look through the trees and you will discover the ocean on the other side, completing the scene.
If you really would like to leave the city behind you and start enjoying nature, this screensaver will surely be what you need.

Fernando Soni
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